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Alex wanted to say hello…

December 5, 2010

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We have been a little occupied getting a routine on track, meals squared away, medication scheduled and finding time to chase squirrels in between.  But Alex wanted to say hello and let others that are experiencing similar issues that he is doing great.  So far, learning to chew his pressed rawhides seems to be the single biggest obstacle that has challenged him.  He loves the fact that I rarely put him on lead anymore when it’s time to take a walk.   He promised me he would stop at every corner and wait to be crossed.

Although Alexei has not blogged much lately, we have kept up with the status of so many great dogs and their pawrents on the Tripawds community forum.  We are not so naive as to think Alex is a “ten percenter,” but we hope that he is, we supplement him as if he is not and appreciate every day we get to share him.  There is no way to know what chaos is occurring inside his body.  We’re just going to follow Alexei’s lead and live in the moment…SQUIRREL-

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3 Responses to “Alex wanted to say hello…”

  1. admin said:

    Thanks for the update. Did someone say SQUIRREL? 🙂

    FYI: If you paste the YouTube view page URL on a line by itself in your post, the video will automatically embed right here on your blog.

  2. etgayle said:

    you look mmaaaeevveeelllooouusss!!!! thanks for the update, looks like you’re continuing to remember to take those medicinal naps too!!

    charon & gayle

  3. YodasMom said:

    Good boy, Alexei!

    Yoda had trouble figuring out rawhides for a while too, but he got it all of a sudden. He’d press down on one end against the floor so the other end would pop up for him to chew. They can figure out everything they loved before in time!

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